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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

baking day ^^

11++ am my fren penny n xwen cum my house baking
1st , we start to bake chocolate cake
2nd , we bake cornflakes biscute
3nd , we bake chocolate chips cookie

happy today !!
receive many gud result
woohoo ~
they said gud taste , yummy !
muahaha ~
damn happy la ^^

bacause this 3 type of food
aso 1st time bake in my house
yeah ~
my fren happy yoo
they told me full of achievability

after baking i send some picha to my sweetheart
he said , wah ~
look delicious
i must try on tmr ^^
haha ~

sweetheart , today feel got abit sry la
hold day no text u
just when u call me chat wif u 1 minit
then i continue baking ~
but , i noe u understanding me
so ^^
u din angry n jz waiting me finish ~
11++am until 11 ++ pm
love u much much niaa ~~
u're mine !
some brainless pepo dun sent out ur "chicken action" infront him !
go away pls ~

by the way ~
qian qian will cum my house baking too ^^
this sat ~
sure many fun la ~
hehe , await nia , babes !