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Monday, November 1, 2010

my birthday =) 28.10.10

great !! have a blast =)
yeah ~ thx my family , sweetheart n all my fren
thx so much ~ some fren make me feel touch ..
thx a lot ...

start my birthday story .. <3>
i go sweetheart house take dinner wif his family
in the afternoon , father's sister bring sweetheart out ..
they told me go bank a while later cum back
call me rest at home

after half an hour they cum bak
but .. + more two person
sweetheart's bro n his gf ( miko ) at night ...
same as normal take dinner 2gether
after dinner take a shower at sweetheart's house

finish drying my hair
sweetheart said "b... we go out eat some fruit n drink some tea la "
me " ok la ^^ "
when i open the door yii ?? y so dark ? har ??? they nid celebrate my birthday nw??
surprise !!
the cake is put on the table n sweetheart family all stand around the dining table

nice ?? finish sang birthday song
i receive 4 present at there
happy ... !
bak home on 12++

i ask sweetheart y ur family got buy cake geh ?
n i din saw grandmum got make any egg n jelly ?
sweetheart plan :

when they go bank jz lie me
they go buy cake

when they cum bak
i din saw them got take any cake
because sweetheart bring me go room take somethings
then they oli take the cake put in refrigerator

when i haven reach sweetheart house
grandmum adi make all the tea cake
tea cake put at where ?
y i cant saw it when i take food 4 dinner ?
sweetheart said : i n0e u sure help us take food put on the dining table , so grandmum put other place

when u all prepare the cake n tea cake put on the dining table n celebrate ?
when i drying my hair grandmum cum in the room n sweetheart wink with her

sweetheart finish told me ..
i adi cry ..
he give me a tight tight hug ..
aftertat he take his present from my bag to me
wat is the present
LED swatch =)
same wif sweetheart ...
cry again ><


morning n afternoon go sunway wif sweetheart
night celebrate wif family

let us see photo la =)!/album.php?aid=36848&id=100001282369929&fbid=137849942934417

happy day !!!