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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

freedom :)

long time din update my blog
sry .. my reader ~ :)

woohoo !!
finish pmr !!
freedom now ...
happy n relax la !

start to plan wat i want to do ..
start to plan accompany my fren ..
start to plan my birthday ..
so on ~~

during holiday ~
many fun !
hehe ..

sweetheart told me on yesterday ..
this year my birthday will get many surprise
wat surprise ??
keep asking !
but .. sweetheart just said surprise la , cant told u !
await ~~ still got 8 days :)

mummy ask me wat type of phone i nid ?
then i said iphone 4 !!
m ~~~ cannot !
vivaz pro ?
m ~~~ can !
yeah ~~
await too !!

to my lovely fren ~
dun be sad again ..
pmr was over !
no nid to worry how bout ur result
pass or fail ..
if u worry aso no effect
if u happy aso no effect
then u better choose happy
okie babes ??

nov n dec i want learn street jazz n raggae at street nation
yeah !
haha .. last time i want go there learn adi
but no time + pmr is coming

yesterday go my sweetheart's house
long time din chat wif his family
miz them ~~
his grandmum cook asam laksa !
walao .. super yummy la ~
his grandmum so gud n geng ..
at night ~
some cousin come to sweetheart's house
n a most special pepo is sweetheart's great-grandmum
100 years old .. wish her have a pink in health
i love sweetheart's family
many fun at his home .. :)

next week go rebonding my hair :)
woohoo ~~
i dun like my hair style adi ><
ugly ..

sweetheart spm is coming ..
must study well .. gud luck my dar
muak ! ga you lo ..
support u ..

recently ..
play fb game wif my dar ( car town )
haha .. funny !
nice game la ... wash car n doing some job :)
beside, can buy many nice car .. :)

i want go watch "童眼" wif my dar ..
when ?
maybe next week gua :)
the herald let me feel scare adi ><
haha !

our sentiment one day sweet than one day !!
unmanned can replace him !!
love him very much !!
eveyday love me , pamper me , kiss me , hug me , so on !!
he make me feel i'm a most happiness girl in this world !!
sometime argue wif family sweetheart aso help us to compound !!
i'm gay :)